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 “Anatta means, I don't exist." HWL Poonja, enlightened master, said.  That was Anatta’s experience late one night about 26 years ago when the ego/personality disappeared and was seen to have less reality then smoke and dust. 

Yet a magical life has transpired, regardless. Starting out as a ‘Jesus Freak’ in New York, Anatta lived in Oregon and India as a disciple of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Later In the presence of HWL Poonja, she washed the Master's dishes, ate radishes from his hands and massaged his arm which had been injured.

She spent a beautiful afternoon sitting under the trees in Ojai California attending a talk with the late J. Krishnamurti. All in all, she eventually traveled to India on seven separate occasions.

Continuing the journey in the west to Hawaii and Sedona, Anatta sat with many well known teachers. Finally finding her heart’s home back in the town of Tiruvannamali, she felt blessed sitting at the foot of her ultimate teacher, the sacred mountain, Arunachala, near the Ramana Maharshi ashram; a place where, since ancient times, many enlightened beings have been


When not in India, Anatta lived a very ordinary life in Southern California near her three daughters and three grandchildren. In 2005 existence sent two more teenagers to raise and she moved to North Carolina to do just that.

Anatta is working on her second book, an inner and outer travelogue, titled Nobody in India, Walking the Inner Path.

These photos are of the actual individuals interviewed for The Ordinary Buddha, taken at the time of the interviews with quotes from their chapters.

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Swami Raman Ananda


 "Remember the Reality. He alone exists, Within you and all around you."



"Who we really are, is like a deep valley that never ends."



"Nurture your own light."



"Everything out of this "I Am" here and now, is illusion."

Papaji and Anatta


"You are already That which you seek" . HWL Poonja

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