A wonderful "secret" is revealed in these pages ---that ordinary people are coming to the Highest Spiritual Experience from all variety of backgrounds. Enlightenment is possible here and now for each individual, absolutely regardless of background or training.

A huge momentum is happening, a universal movement toward "waking up." Unlike in ancient times, now it is happening, to you and me, and the guy down the street. No particular path or religion is responsible for it.

Many backgrounds, life styles, nationalities, and ages are represented here in these stories. Most are not teachers of spiritual matters but live quiet, ordinary lives. Four have ultimately evolved in a natural way to become a help to many seekers along the way. Among these are Adyashanti and Byron Katie, two well known teachers who are the first and last interviews in this book.

Also included are personal insights into two, sometimes controversial Spiritual Masters, Osho/Rajneesh and HWL Poonja, and a “satsang” or spiritual talk by the teacher, Yudhishtara.

In beautiful and dramatic ways the thirteen interviews here share with us the journey from real-life, not so saintly pasts to the discovery of our true nature; The discovery that we are not who we thought ourselves to be all along, but something far more grand and yet sweetly ordinary. The Knowing sweeps through us like a fresh breeze on a spring morning. Their discovery is our discovery.

The Enlightened ones say there is not the slightest breath of separation. The message is, You Are That.

Watch this space for future happenings



All but Ordinary

Anatta, whom I recently had the privilege of meeting, is all and more of what one would expect in a delightfully Aware, warm hearted individual. Her work, "The Ordinary Buddha" flows from this same open personality to bring a mystery right to center stage. The Ordinary Buddha could not have come at a more critical time. Anatta brings the reader face to face with life and the divine reality that gives life its meaning. You get a sense of what it's like to make an extraordinary Awakening transition along with ordinary people just like yourself. This is an inspired work that will assuredly enlighten your path.

Pete Ashly

Blowing the cobwebs off growing up

In a gentle way, this book helps clear away some of the other worldly, unapproachable auras that surround what could come to be seen as a relatively natural transition in life. Joseph Campbell illustrates how this initiation is common to all cultures and times. The western culture of rugged individuality needs more wake up calls like this. Reality is coming out of the closet.

Charles Berton

For the Seeker in Us All

This book takes you on a journey through the soul, showing how to find common ground without getting caught up on technical rhetoric and over intellectualizing. Whether you agree with everything or not, you will surely come away learning new things. A must have for the seeker in us all.

John Mattox

A ring side seat at the unfolding of realization for ...

March 23, 2018

A ring side seat at the unfolding of realization for half a dozen of Anatta's acquaintances - not to be missed!

Rev. Kusala Dhammaratana

Ordinary Buddha is Extraordinary!

Marvelous conversations with people who found enlightenment. Well written, and inspiring reading for the curious, serious, anyone who may at one time or another think of themselves as spiritual seekers.

George Allen Papapetrou
Wonderful, Ordinary Becoming More Common
November 16, 2012
First, thank you to the Amazon member who gifted me this book from the top of my Wishlist!

Wonderful! Wonderful!

My friend Zeke and I have talked for years about ordinary people who will be the wayshowers opening people to the experience of their own divinity and the divine nature of all that is.

In her book anatta, with love and humor, presents us with the tip of the wayshower iceberg. She shares the diversity of spiritual awakening stories of 15 different people (16 including herself).

All sharing the same truth. Each story absolutely unique and the same, at once. A virtual smorgasboard of awakened joy.

The age of the solitary teacher, or guru, is rapidly fading into the past, and being replaced by communities where all are awakened to the divinity of all. anatta heralds this new era in her book, fittingly delivered to the largest community of all - the internet. In this case, for me, through Amazon Kindle.

Her book provided me with something I wanted to know, yet didn't need to know: The stories of real life ordinary people who have had the awakening which I have had as an ordinary person.

If you are on the edge of going through, and beyond, your historic beliefs and belief systems, you might find anatta's entertaining book provides the nectar to sustain your adventure in discovering who you are.

Words cannot express my gratitude for her book.

Do I highly recommend it? Yep!!!

Aloha.. Al


Great Book

June 16, 2013

I love to read about stories of awakening. I know they say not to get hung up on the story of how a given person "woke up" but I think there is a valuable teaching in how it comes to be for people. It lets you know that the image you have of what awakening looks like is not the same for everyone. Your awakening won't look like anyone else' but it will have a similar outcome.

This book is a collection of interviews with various people about how they "woke up." Most of the stories show a gradual deepening, or what some might refer to the embodiment process one goes through after an awakening experience. I think people who have had similar experiences, but don't feel "awake" will find the dialogues in this book encouraging. I think most "seekers" will find this book quite enjoyable.

Also, I love Byron Katie, so I especially enjoyed the interviews and description of the time spent with her. In-joy.

Morgan Caraway

Anatta's book is great!

November 20, 2012

I know Anatta personally and her presence alone tells that she lives and breathes what the material in this book is about. This book shares several ordinary folk's (hence the title!) stories of awakening and also has conversations with spiritual luminaries such as Adyashanti and Byron Katie. Anatta herself has been all over the spiritual map and been in contact with famous gurus such as Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) and Papaji. I devoured this book and found these shared experiences to be highly entertaining. Enlightenment is realizing that there never was anyone who lacked such a thing as enlightenment--you too are an ordinary Buddha!



July 9, 2012

I really like this book because it is personal and not philosophical. I am a little tired of philosophy. And also because you see that enlightenment--peace and happiness--is for everyone and not reserved for some "special" few. It is within reach. It is what you already are.

Watch for Anatta's next book, "Nobody In India, Walking the Inner Path"